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Thank you for taking the time in getting to know us more. We are glad you are here.

17 Studios is a seasoned video production company based in Nashville, TN

It started in California, shooting weddings and commercials from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

I fell in love with cinematography after I had my wedding filmed.

The love of cinematography grew into other subject matters such as music videos, real-estate, and business media.

I am huge on relationships, I love helping people capture memories and reach career goals through visual media.

I started 17 Studios to tell stories in unique and timeless ways.

My hope is that if we cross paths that we will have a life long working relationship.

-Brett Davis - Owner




Our Services


Wedding Cinematography

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days you will have in life. One of the biggest regrets couples have is not capturing their day that goes by so fast. Having a wedding film incapsulates your family, friends, and details, couples often miss. Investing in a wedding film is a great asset, as it allows couples to show their children when they grow older, to capture the memories of grandparents, and that sentimental message from the maid of honor or roast at the toast of the groom.

We offer several packages to choose from ranging from a cinematic trailer to a full fledged film. All packages contain the ceremony edited in its entirety.

Artist & band Content

Artists and Bands need constant content to keep their fans engaged in their music. We offer music videos, live show recordings, and promotional video content. As musicians ourselves we get that content is of the up most importance, we are here to help you  connect with your fans with visual media.

Corporate Cinematography

Every small business and corporation needs the avenue to train, inspire, and educate their employees and their customers. We offer employee training videos, corporate films promoting your product(s) and/or service(s), and promotional films to connect with your customers. Video content in the business world is at an all time high, keeping up with the competition starts with what your employees and customers perceive. We are here to assist with your vision to inspire, motivate, and educate both employees of you business and the customers that they serve.

Event Photography

Documenting a concert, corporate milestones, family event, or community event is a staple in preserving a performance of a life time, a key business milestone, or documenting a historical event in the community we live in. We offer photography for these types of events when video may not be a need.

Real-Estate Cinematography

Real-Estate cinematography has proven to sell properties faster than traditional photos. Having potential customers visualize themselves in that home or see themselves owing that property is a huge advantage in closing the sale, there is great power in movement. We offer  cinematic style films for your listings.


Documenting the album you are recording or going on the biggest tour of your carrier, there is no mistake in saying that these experiences are once in a life time. You can never record that album in that specific way or play those shows to a sold out crowd over again, but you can relive them through a documentary that we offer. Preserve those memories that only just a few artist and bands get to experience in their life time.

Live Streaming

Live streaming events such as weddings, concerts, sports game, worship service, for example are becoming more prominent in 2018. We are stoked to be able offer this for just about any event you may have. Please contact us for more information on Live Streaming.


You may be a wicked Director of Photography (DP) but do not have the time to edit your projects. We offer editing for feature and short films, television, web series, or product(s)/service(s). We offer editing for just about anything. Please reach out to us about your project.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography is one of the coolest things you can have. Whether that be shots of your home, an outdoor concert, or setting the location for a feature film you are making, we offer aerial cinematography in stunning 4k.


To watch even more videos check out my "Projects"  on my LinkedIn profile. Link below 





Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for your visual media needs. We are an international company available world wide. Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch.

We hope to have the pleasure and opportunity to work with you on your next project or event.

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